Yoga Mentorship Programs

Personalized Programs to support your unique Yoga Path

If you are a Yoga practitioner, Yoga teacher, or someone who aspires to a deep and meaningful Yoga lifestyle, my mentoring programs can support your growth and blossoming on this beautiful path of the Heart. As well, for those who have recently received their teaching certification, mentor guidance can be invaluable when charting a course for your practice and teaching. This Mentorship Program offers you the opportunity to co-create your own course of study in the Art and Science of Yoga, based on your interests and deepest dreams for your life and work. Career Development, Personal Practice and Philosophy, Energy Anatomy and the Quantum Field, etc…whatever your interests, I will design a program curriculum that lights you up and fits your schedule and budget. We can meet one-on-one for a short series of in-person or Skype meetings, or a longer course of 3 or 6 months or more.

My passion is sharing the the Wisdom Arts with you to inspire and illuminate your path and support your unique contribution to our Beloved Life here together. Using the framework of the Yoga Tradition and Yoga philosophy, as well as my own decades of deep experience as a Teacher and Practitioner in the Healing Arts, I assist you in stepping more fully into your empowerment and freedom...and your true passion and calling.  My gift is seeing and and working with your gifts and potential in a way that nourishes and supports the best in you and supports your thriving work in the world.

Mentoring Program Prices are based on program length and are priced on a sliding scale.

Individual Mentoring or Counseling Sessions are $100.00 (60-75 min) Series Discounts available

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I look forward to hearing from you ~!

"Jennifer is an amazing teacher both inside and outside of the yoga studio.  Until she came into my life, I didn't know that what I was searching for and that what I needed was a mentor and teacher.  She became exactly those things for me.  I witnessed and benefited from her patience, knowledge, kindness, intelligence, sense of humor, and her heart… I am forever grateful for the ways that my eyes and heart have been opened. Thank you."    

Christy Thompson, MSW, Yoga Teacher

“Jennifer is an inspirational mentor, instructor and leader! I had a wonderful time learning ways to listen to my heart, drop into my body, tune into my breath and expand my personal practice. She helped me tune in and recognize what I needed physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. I noticed patterns in my own practice and ways I wasn’t fully growing to my capacity. I really loved the books I read in the course, writing reflections and having beautiful discussions with her. If your looking for transformation, she’s a channel for it ! :) Thank you, Jennifer!

~ Bonnie Bairley, Yoga Teacher