Jennifer Bonadio, LMT, CYT

Aloha and Welcome ! Thanks for visiting… It is an honor and joy to share my experience and knowledge on the path of Yoga and the Healing Arts with You.

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Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Bodywork


LIVING WISDOM COURSE Starts March 1. 2019              

THERAPEUTIC YOGA AND PRIVATE YOGA CLASSES                Personal Practices designed for your individual needs and goals

TRANSFORMATIVE BODYWORK                                                           A unique blend of modalities for deep relaxation and healing

The Art and Science of Personal Practice Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Classes

GUIDED MEDITATION AUDIOS Short Practices on this site and customized practice audios

The Wisdom Traditions of Yoga and Meditation offer so much to support our healing, our evolution and our creativity. This Lineage of the Heart helps us embody and radiate the Compassion and Unity we long for in our world, and meet each moment with our Love and Truth. The Art of Yoga is as dynamic and evolving as you are !

I invite you to reach out with your interest and inquiries. I look forward to connecting and sharing with you.