Vibrational Currency

 ”I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of humans to elevate their lives by conscious behavior”.

~ Henry David Thoreau

It is no secret that these are potent and amazing times. How is it showing up in your life? This life is a supreme invitation to a deeper honesty with ourselves about the quality of our own lives – the vibrational currency we are sharing. Science is telling us now that the universe – reality – is energy, consciousness. What does that mean in our daily lives?  It means that we are accountable for how we direct are energy… thought, word, action, emotion. Once we accept the responsibility of that, we can actually realize the freedom of it!

Every time we open our heart to ourselves or another, each time we use positive, life affirming and inclusive language, each time we decide to direct our thoughts constructively and lovingly…..we are uplifting our vibration. Even a smile lifts your vibration! And that is felt by everyone around us. You are always broadcasting the quality of your thinking and feeling states. Wow!

Yoga and meditation support our practice of doing that broadcasting with awareness, choice and freedom. Accept that challenge and you change the world by changing yourself. It isn’t us against them anymore – it just does not work. No matter what your right action is in this revolution – let it begin inside your own being. As Albert Einstein said  ‘A problem cannot be solved in the same consciousness in which it was created’. In other words – Be the change you want to see. Choose love. Choose happiness. When you do it for yourself, you do it for everyone.