Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Massage Therapy         

  MENTORING AND PERSONAL COUNSEL                                                            Guidance and support for your unique path... we can meet in person, on         Skype or by phone.                      

  GUIDED MEDITATION PODCASTS                                                                                 Time-out to Relax and Reconnect                                                                

  THERAPEUTIC YOGA AND PRIVATE YOGA CLASSES                                         For all ages and levels - great for beginners, seniors and injury recovery

  TRANSFORMATIVE BODYWORK                                                                                     A unique blend of modalities for deep relaxation and healing

   MEDITATION FOR EVERYONE                                                                                    Personalized practices that suit you and your lifestyle

        Individual and small group courses with flexible schedules

I share decades of professional and personal experience in the Yoga Wisdom Traditions and the Healing Arts with compassion, skill and intuitive insight, facilitating your transformation and healing, empowering your self-care and nurturing your spirit.  I would love to hear from you! To contact me, go to the 'Connect' page here on this site. Aloha!