Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Massage Therapy         

  WISDOM COUNSELING : SOUL CONVERSATIONS                                            Guidance and support for your unique path... we can meet in person, on         Skype or by phone                     

  GUIDED MEDITATIONS : PERSONALIZED AUDIOS AND PODCASTS                 Time-out to Reconnect and Relax                                                 

  THERAPEUTIC YOGA AND PRIVATE YOGA CLASSES                                         Personalized Practices designed for your individual needs.  Yoga Audios       just for you.   

  TRANSFORMATIVE BODYWORK                                                                                    A unique blend of modalities for deep relaxation and healing

   MEDITATION FOR EVERYONE                                                                                    Personalized practices that suit you and your lifestyle

       Individual and small group courses with flexible schedules

I share decades of professional and personal experience in the Yoga Tradition and and the Healing Arts with compassion, skill and intuitive insight to facilitate your transformation and healing, empower your self-care and nurture your spirit.  I would love to hear from you! To contact me, go to the 'Connect' page here on this site. Aloha!